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Create as a bridge between urban art experts and business, SPRAY gathers together investors and enthusiasts round a collection of contemporary urban art.


Loans to institutions and museums

The SPRAY collection is intended to represent the street art movement by associating established artists and young talents from France and around the world. The various technics of urban art (spray, wheatpaste, stencils, installations, photo) are part of our collection composed of more than 40 artworks. Since 2016, SPRAY has been committed to spreading and showing as widely as possible its collection. We are thus in contact with museums, institutions and organizers of art fairs in France and Europe in order to loan significant works.

Contact us for any loan application, we will keep in touch to study your need.


Art leasing

The SPRAY collection is very significant of contemporary urban art, it brings together the biggest names of the French and International scene. SPRAY wished to share “the best” of art and thus allows external companies to rent pieces of its collection. Why? Contemporary art has become unavoidable, ultra popular, definitely essential. For your company, using it as a communication channel, show your dynamism and your commitment in the modernity.

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Art Consulting

Based on the expertise of our founders, SPRAY offers you its services of Art Consulting.

With more than 10 years of experience in contemporary urban art in France and worldwide, we offer individuals, businesses and institutions tailor-made support. From the acquisition of works to the building of a collection, its valuation and its resale, we can help you on all your projects.

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Event planning

To promote the SPRAY collection and to share it with your fellowship (teams, customers, partners, friends), we organize private events in our premises. We take care of the organization of the evening (reception, cocktail dinners, service) and we invite one of our experts to introduce you to the collection.

Our premises are located in Paris in the 11th arrondissement on the fourth floor of the building  of the famous Perchoir rooftop.

Who are we?

SPRAY Collection is a collection of urban art built by a «club» of street art lovers. The collection was started in 2016 by 6 entrepreneurs, fans or experts of contemporary urban art. Other art-lovers, collectors and investors came to complete the circle from the end of 2016 to form a community of 28 partners meeting in a «club spirit».

Over time and meetings with artists and galleries, they have acquired 71 works of art by the most famous artists of the past years like Banksy, JR, Space Invader, Futura 2000, A-One, Cleon Peterson, Shepard Fairey but also some French or European internationally renowed artists such as Brusk, Levalet, Seth, Gris1, Speedy Graphito, Hopare, Okuda, Vhils…

The collection has been exhibited by partners in their private homes or companies. Some works of art have been loaned to famous companies such as the large Futura 2000 painting which lit up the boardroom of the Parisian headquarter of the Baker McKenzie Group. Above all they have been presented in many exhibitions such as the Salon des Artistes Français at the Grand Palais in 2018, the “One Two… Street Art!” exhibition in Geneva in 2020 or the “Urban Legends” exhibition organized by the City of Bordeaux in 2018, which was a successful event with more than 50,000 visitors. These exhibitions contributed to the SPRAY collection national and international influence.

SPRAY Collection is one of the most important private collections of contemporary urban art which quality and diversity you will appreciate.


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Président de Twelve Consulting. Société de conseil en transformation digitale.

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Président de Cedrus Partners. Société de conseil en investissement.

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Collectionneur et marchand d’art.

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Gérant de Xenia Consulting. Société d’investissement.

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Partner, managing director de Sanso Investment Solutions. Société de gestion d’actifs financiers.

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Président d’Art Five. Société de conseil en acquisition et vente d’œuvres d’art.

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